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At Eastline Pools, we aim to craft a fresh and captivating outdoor space that seamlessly integrates design, landscaping, and water elements, all in perfect harmony with your home and the surrounding environment. We are also a Platinum Warranty Center, so please ask about our iron clad warranty on everything we sell and install.

20+ Years of Service

Licensed & Bonded

A+ BBB Rating

With Eastline Pool & Spa’s expertise and San Juan Pool’s unmatched craftsmanship, we are happy to bring endless joy and fulfillment to countless families, turning their dreams of a perfect pool into a reality. Together, we continue to forge a legacy of excellence in the swimming pool industry, making us truly proud to represent San Juan Pool in our local community.

Eastline Pool & Spa takes great pride in being a distinguished San Juan Pool dealer. With a commitment to excellence and a shared passion for providing exceptional customer experiences, the partnership between Eastline and San Juan Pool ensures that our clients receive only the highest quality products and services. As a reputable brand, San Juan Pool has a long-standing reputation for crafting innovative, durable, and visually stunning fiberglass pools that enhance any backyard oasis. This collaboration enables us to offer a wide range of pool options that cater to diverse preferences and design aesthetics.

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Eastline Pool & Spa takes pride in being a premier and trusted dealer of Strong Spas. Our commitment to providing top-of-the-line products and outstanding customer service aligns perfectly with the exceptional quality and innovation that Strong Spas represents.

As a reputable brand in the spa industry, Strong Spas is renowned for crafting luxurious, durable, and feature-rich hot tubs that offer the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic experiences. Through our partnership with Strong Spas, we can offer our valued customers an extensive selection of cutting-edge spa models, catering to various preferences and budget ranges.

With our knowledgeable team and Strong Spas’ commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to transforming our clients’ outdoor spaces into havens of tranquility. This relationship between Eastline Pool & Spa and Strong Spas fills us with pride, knowing that we are offering the very best in spa products to our esteemed customers.

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Swimming Pool & Spa Installation

Entrusting the process to skilled professionals ensures that every aspect of the project, from initial planning to final execution, is handled with meticulous care. With years of experience, our team of experts will guide you through the entire installation journey, making sure to incorporate your vision, preferences, and budget. From choosing the perfect pool or spa design that complements your outdoor space to employing the latest industry techniques, we are committed to delivering a pool or spa that exceeds your expectations in both functionality and aesthetics.

Eastline Pool & Spa is a proud dealer of San Juan Fiberglass Pools and Strong Spas.


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